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Searching for a bad credit cash loan? We got you!

Do you ever feel like your bad credit history is limiting your access to credit? You’re not alone! It’s a common misconception of many Australians considering bad credit cash loan options that they must have a perfect credit history in order to be approved, however, with some lenders that is not always the case!
A non-bank lender like Fundo is able to consider much more than your credit score when assessing your application. Read on to find out how you can increase you chances of being approved for a bad credit personal loan in Australia!


What is bad credit?

“Bad credit” could be defined as negative entries on a persons credit file. Some common causes of negative entries on a credit file which can affect your credit score include late payments to creditors, non payment to creditors, Court actions, and bankruptcy filings.


What is a bad credit score?

According to Equifax the average credit score for Australians is 846. Each credit reporting body, such as Equifax, Illion and Experian have their own scoring system, each with different scores. It can be worth checking your credit score with each credit reporting body to check how they compare and if they all have the correct information.


Do I have bad credit?

Your credit report will contain historical information about your financial dealings. Depending on the provider, this may include a score up to 1200, and information such as if you have made your repayments on time, how many applications for credit you have made, how many open credit accounts you have and any court actions, bankruptcies, or unpaid debts that are outstanding.


Can you improve your bad credit?

Yes! You can improve the information that the credit reporting bodies have on file for you. There is more than one credit reporting body in Australia, some of the largest are Equifax, Illion and Experian. You can check your credit score and credit report with each agency, and if you see an entry that you don’t recognise, contact the credit reporting body to discuss your options.
You can improve the information reported to credit reporting bodies by making your current repayments on time, not applying for too much credit all at once, and paying any overdue accounts.


Is there a bad credit cash loan that I could be approved for?

Fundo can approve a loan application for a customer who has “bad credit”! Fundo understands that the mistakes of the past don’t necessarily reflect a persons current situation, and that it can take some time to rebuild your credit if you have made mistakes in the past. If you are ready to apply, you can visit our application here and apply for up to $5,000 today!


Should I apply for more than one loan to improve my chances of approval?

No. It is best to research your options thoroughly and ensure you understand the eligibility requirements, repayments, interest and fees; terms and conditions before making an application. Applying for credit with multiple lenders can affect your credit score or be a concern for a prospective lender.

In conclusion, having bad credit doesn’t mean that you won’t be approved if you apply for a bad credit cash loan. In fact, many lenders are able to lend to you with a less than perfect score. Consider your options and ensure you thoroughly understand the requirements and terms and conditions before applying, as this can affect your credit score and future application outcomes. You can learn more about improving your credit score by making repayments to your debts on time and paying off old debts on the Equifax website. Your chances of approval may increase for certain types of loans with a higher credit score.



Am I eligible to apply for a bad credit cash loan with Fundo?

If you are over the age of 18, can prove your identify and income, and are a resident for tax purposes in Australia earning more than $500 per week from a job, you are eligible to apply for a loan of up to $5,000 with Fundo! If you are concerned about bad credit, you can rest assured to know that Fundo can approve short term loans for people with bad credit, taking into consideration you current financial situation, and how you’re doing now, rather than being hung up on mistakes of the past which might not necessarily apply today.

What do I need to apply for a bad credit cash loan?

Applying for a bad credit personal loan of up to $5000 with Fundo is just like applying for any other loan with Fundo! You can apply in just 3 minutes if you have all your information at hand.
You will need
– Proof of identity
– Proof of income
– Access to your internet banking

And that’s it!

How Fast Can You Receive a Bad Credit short term loan?

The application process with Fundo is all online and incredibly quick! Returning customers can reapply from their personalised dashboard in just 3 clicks, and if you are a new customer, our easy fill application process takes care of all the hassle for you. If approved, most customers will receive their cash within minutes! The process is much easier in the present times than it was in the past. Gone are the days of printing your bank statement at home, or waiting in line at the bank. All you need is to do is head to to submit your application and supporting documents.

Why should I choose FUNDO for a short term bad credit loan?

At Fundo, we truly are your teeny tiny online loan specialists. Whether you’re after a fast loan for a holiday, or something else entirely, we’re here to help. Our range of services includes fast cash loans, same-day loans, small short-term loans and no credit check loans — all designed to get you out of a quick pickle with minimum fuss. Importantly, we understand that no two situations are alike. If you’d like to discuss the most suitable loan option for your needs or your eligibility, simply get in touch with our friendly team today!

How can I contact Fundo if I have any questions about their bad credit cash loans?

Our friendly team are here to help you with any questions you might have. Give us a call on 1800 161 391, visit us on our website chat or send us an email to so we can answer any questions that you might have, or help talk you through the process of applying for an appliance loan with Fundo.


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