$500 - $5000
between $500 - $5000
up to 180 days
20% upfront establishment
fee 4% monthly fee

Small LOAN

Loan amount from $500 to $2000
Minimum 91+ days to Maximum 6 months
20% Establishment Fee and a flat 4% Monthly Fee*


Loan Amount of $1,000 over 20 weeks repayable weekly. $1,000(Principal Amount) + $200(20% Establishment Fee) + $200(fees based on 4% per month over 20 weeks) = $1,400 total repayable in 20 weekly repayments of $70.00.

*The example assumes timely repayment as per the loan agreement, or additional fees and charges may apply.


Loan amount from $2001 to $5000
Minimum 91+ days to Maximum 2 years
$400 Establishment Fee plus interest at 47.8% p.a. (Comparison Rate 66.58% p.a)*


Loan Amount $2500 over 2 years repayable fortnightly. $2,500 (Principal Amount) + $400 (Establishment Fee) + $1553 (Interest) = $4453 total repayable in 52 fortnightly instalments of $85.63

*The comparison rate is specific to a $2,500 loan over a two-year term with a $400 establishment fee and fortnightly repayments. Any deviation in loan amount, term, or additional fees and charges can result in a different comparison rate, and the given comparison rate only applies to the presented example.

When you have less-than-ideal credit, you may think that no credit check fast loans are your only option, especially when traditional lenders restrict you from applying for a loan through strict lending conditions or restrictive terms. We don’t think that’s fair. This is time and effort down the drain – you should be able to go to someone who delivers. 

At Fundo, we offer loan options that have straightforward application processes and reasonable terms. We understand that if you’re looking for fast loans, you need the money immediately, so we deliver the solutions you need and want as soon as possible. 

Even if you have less-than-ideal credit, you may still be able to secure the quick loans you need. Let’s talk about no credit check fast loans. 

How do cash loans with no credit check work?

Typically, when alternative lenders offer no credit check fast loans and other similar loan options, they don’t require checking your credit history. Instead, they need other forms of ‘credit’ to approve your loan application, such as collateral or high-interest rates.

Unlike Fundo, these lenders offer no credit checks without considering the individual behind the loan application and have little interest in improving your financial literacy. At Fundo, not only do we help you find loan options that suit your situation without putting you in financial trouble, but we also help you learn how to improve your financial well-being.

We understand that a bad credit score doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t repay a loan, but we also want to ensure that you make financially sound decisions with Fundo. 

As responsible lenders, we don’t conduct ‘no credit check fast loans’ or other similar no credit check loans. Still, we consider other factors aside from your credit score or history in your loan applications. Our loan decision is focused on your current income and ability to repay the loan. We examine the reason and timing if you have a bad credit score. 

Fundo doesn’t automatically reject applications without consideration. However, applicants with poor credit ratings are less likely to get approved for same day loans if borrowing money from us puts them in a financial bind. 

All applications are submitted online, 24/7, so you can apply wherever and whenever convenient. First, you must enter how much money you would like to borrow. You must fill out a general information sheet next. In just three minutes, you can apply for a Fundo loan. You’ll be done in no time!

What are the advantages of getting a no credit check loan?

While ‘no credit check fast loans’ and other no check loans may afford you quick loan approvals and no credit checks, their advantages typically end there. These usually come with steep drawbacks, such as high interest rates, hidden ‘lender’ fees, and the risk of falling into a debt cycle. 

If you’re looking for payday loans and similar quick loans, try our options at Fundo instead. We are committed to helping you find the loan that suits your needs and offer other services tailored to inform you about your financial well-being. 

At Fundo, we do not have any hidden fees or overcharge you for anything. You are provided with a comprehensive breakdown of your loan, from the establishment fee to the repayment fees upfront. Moreover, we inform you about financial literacy and provide you with a Fundo Credit Score from our interactive self-service dashboard.

With our Fundo Credit Score, you can build sound financial habits by making informed decisions that impact your financial situation. 

Our Fundo Credit Score incorporates a fun credit scoring system. Making sound financial decisions like repaying a loan on time or early or leaving a review for Fundo increases your Fundo Credit Score. It can also increase if you don’t have too many loans with other providers. Conversely, your Fundo Credit Score will drop for financial decisions like missing your repayment. 

Your Fundo Credit Score is independent of your actual credit score. A good Fundo Credit Score can improve your chances of getting approved for a Fundo loan in the future. There are many ways to increase your Fundo Credit Score, so talk to us about how our unique scoring system works today. 

Lastly, if you’re a returning borrower, you can easily apply for a new loan with just three clicks from our self-service dashboard. You can contact us today if you want to learn more about our other options, such as our short term loans or fast money loans

How do I qualify for a no credit check fast loan?

Non-traditional lenders who offer no credit check fast loans usually have very minimal requirements for qualifying. They may ask for your general information or, sometimes, a list of assets they can use for collateral. While it may seem like a straightforward application process, these loans usually come with caveats at your expense. 

So instead of putting your faith in ‘no credit check fast loans’ from such lenders, trust in Fundo. We provide quick and seamless loan application processes that don’t blindside you with unreasonable terms or hidden fees. While we do credit checks, it is not the only factor we consider in your loan application. So long as you meet the minimum requirements, you can qualify for a Fundo loan. To qualify, you must:

  • be at least eighteen years old;
  • be a citizen or tax-paying resident of Australia;
  • show proof of regular income of at least $300/week, excluding government benefits;
  • ensure repayment deadlines are met; and
  • not be at risk of financial troubles when borrowing from Fundo.

Even though you meet the minimum requirements for the loan application, there are no guarantees that you will be approved for any Fundo loans.

Whether you have questions about last minute loans or emergency loans, Fundo can assist you. We are available by phone and email from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m., Mondays through Fridays, and from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. on Saturdays.

Your funds may be available on the same day when you apply during business hours and if everything goes well. Fundo offers more than you may expect if you’re looking for no credit check fast loans.

Apply for your teeny tiny loan today!

Disclaimer: This article is solely intended to inform and entertain and neither provides financial advice nor makes investment recommendations. We reserve the right to change our views or information without prior notice.