$500 - $5000
between $500 - $5000
up to 180 days
20% upfront establishment
fee 4% monthly fee

Small LOAN

Loan amount from $500 to $2000
Minimum 91+ days to Maximum 6 months
20% Establishment Fee and a flat 4% Monthly Fee*


Loan Amount of $1,000 over 20 weeks repayable weekly. $1,000(Principal Amount) + $200(20% Establishment Fee) + $200(fees based on 4% per month over 20 weeks) = $1,400 total repayable in 20 weekly repayments of $70.00.

*The example assumes timely repayment as per the loan agreement, or additional fees and charges may apply.


Loan amount from $2001 to $5000
Minimum 91+ days to Maximum 2 years
$400 Establishment Fee plus interest at 47.8% p.a. (Comparison Rate 66.58% p.a)*


Loan Amount $2500 over 2 years repayable fortnightly. $2,500 (Principal Amount) + $400 (Establishment Fee) + $1553 (Interest) = $4453 total repayable in 52 fortnightly instalments of $85.63

*The comparison rate is specific to a $2,500 loan over a two-year term with a $400 establishment fee and fortnightly repayments. Any deviation in loan amount, term, or additional fees and charges can result in a different comparison rate, and the given comparison rate only applies to the presented example.

Forget Small Payday Loans – See How Fundo Makes A Difference

Caught in a pinch and looking for small payday loans? We’ve all been there – wishing for a fast financial solution that could bridge the financial gap we’re experiencing.

At Fundo, we have the solution – flexible personal loans with no hidden fees, confusing jargon, or suffocating debt cycles, supported by a tech-savvy platform that empowers you to take control of your finances.

Now is the time to learn how Fundo is transforming the loan landscape, making finance accessible, user-friendly and suitable for your unique needs.

What are small payday loans and how do they work?

Small payday loans are a type of short-term borrowing where the lender offers you some quick cash. They are typically unsecured loans, which means you don’t have to put up any loan security. Here’s how it works: the amount you can borrow is usually a fraction of what you’ll be getting on your next pay credit. So, it’s like a little advance before your payday arrives.

The potential pitfalls of payday loans

Now, let’s not sugarcoat things. Payday loans, including those advertised as the easiest payday loans Australia offers, come with some pitfalls. The timeframe for repaying small payday loans is usually short; you’ll have to pay it back relatively quickly, typically within thirty days or even less. If you can’t repay it by the due date, thefees can mount up quickly, making it hard to clear the debt.

In many cases, personal loans – such as the ones we have here at Fundo – offer a more manageable alternative to Aussie payday loans.

Introducing Fundo: your alternative to payday loans

When it comes to personal finance, Fundo is your go-to online lender in Australia. Our mission is crystal clear: we’re here to transform the loan landscape and make credit more accessible and flexible for you. No jargon or hidden agendas, just a genuine commitment to your financial well-being.

Unlike payday cash advances or Australian payday loans, Fundo brings a fresh approach to the table:

  • Flexible loan repayment options. Recognising the uniqueness of each financial situation, Fundo offers flexible repayment options. We make it easy to share details about your situation with us, so we can take into consideration your individual circumstances and personally tailor your repayments to ensure they are manageable for you and won't put you under undue pressure. After all, we're in this together!
  • No hidden fees. Trust and transparency are paramount at Fundo. Unlike some online payday loans, Fundo upholds a no-hidden-fee policy with our personal loans. While we do charge fees on our small loans, we break these fees down for you in a way that’s easy to digest, giving you a clear picture of your responsibilities if you apply for a loan with us.
  • Self-service dashboard. Fundo provides a self-service dashboard, empowering borrowers with control over their finances. Users can access their accounts, check their Fundo Credit Score, make payments and reschedule them easily with their devices.
  • Streamlined loan application process. Fundo simplifies borrowing with a user-friendly platform, breaking down the application into easy-to-understand steps. A short and simple digital form is readily available for quick access to fast cash.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are some common misconceptions about small payday loans that I should be aware of?

One common misconception about small payday loans is that they’re the only solution for immediate financial relief. While instant payday loans can provide fast cash, they often come with hidden fees and strict repayment methods. This could lead to a debt cycle if not managed properly.

Consider Fundo’s small-to-medium personal loans instead. They not only provide the funds you need but do so with flexible repayment options and no hidden fees. We’re here to support you, not burden you.

Can I use a small payday loan to help build or improve my credit score?

While paying back small payday loans on time might potentially boost your credit score, it isn’t the ideal method for building credit. The short repayment cycles of payday cash loans can make it tricky to settle your dues promptly, putting your positive borrower behaviour at risk.

Here at Fundo, we believe in giving you more control over your repayments by letting you choose a suitable repayment plan. That way, you can manage your repayments and work on paying them on time without any hassle.

And guess what? Our self-service dashboard adds an extra layer of convenience. You can schedule your repayments and easily track them, empowering you to take charge of your financial journey.

How quickly can I expect to receive the funds if my payday loan application is approved?

When it comes to same-day payday loans, we get it – you need the funds quickly, but the application process can sometimes be a real hassle, dragging out the wait for your loan approval. But fear not, because here at Fundo, we’ve got your back!

We understand the urgency of your needs, and that’s why we’re dedicated to providing a service that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Applying for our personal loan is a breeze – you can do it from anywhere and it’ll only take you a few minutes to complete.

Once you’ve shared your details with us, we’ll work swiftly to give you a decision as soon as possible. You won’t be kept waiting for long – in fact, in most cases, you’ll receive a response on the same day you apply for a loan with us if you submit your application within business hours.

Experience the Fundo difference for yourself.

Tired of your endless searches for small payday loans, options for a loan with no credit check and other types of payday loans online? Turn to Fundo instead. We take the hassle out of the borrowing process, providing you with a seamless, no-fuss application and approval system. All of this from the comfort of your home!

At Fundo, we understand that not everyone looking for payday advance options has the ideal credit score. But don’t worry: we’re not just another rigid payday lender fixated on numbers. As a responsible lender offering short-term personal loans, we take a comprehensive approach, considering various factors that reflect your ability to repay loans, not just your credit score.

What’s more, we have something special for our borrowers – the Fundo Credit Score! It’s our way of encouraging healthy borrowing habits. A favourable Fundo Credit Score improves your chances of getting approved for future loans with us.

You can boost your score by making on-time or early payments and even by leaving reviews and referring friends to Fundo. Plus, having fewer loans with other providers can also give your Fundo Credit Score a boost.

So, when you need urgent payday loans and want a lender who truly cares, consider Fundo instead. We’re not just your run-of-the-mill lender; we’re your friendly and understanding financial companion. Let’s make borrowing stress-free and rewarding together!

Don’t settle for small payday loans when you can get personal loans at Fundo. Instead of endlessly searching for ‘urgent loans no credit check’ and ‘no credit check pay loans’ online, apply at Fundo now!

Disclaimer: Please note that we do not offer small payday loans. At Fundo, we provide personal loans and may be able to help you, like the thousands of Australians we have already helped.

Unless otherwise specified, the opinions expressed in this article are strictly for general informational purposes only and should not be taken as financial advice or recommendations. Any views are subject to change without notice at any time.