$500 - $5000
between $500 - $5000
up to 180 days
20% upfront establishment
fee 4% monthly fee

Small LOAN

Loan amount from $500 to $2000
Minimum 91+ days to Maximum 6 months
20% Establishment Fee and a flat 4% Monthly Fee*


Loan Amount of $1,000 over 20 weeks repayable weekly. $1,000(Principal Amount) + $200(20% Establishment Fee) + $200(fees based on 4% per month over 20 weeks) = $1,400 total repayable in 20 weekly repayments of $70.00.

*The example assumes timely repayment as per the loan agreement, or additional fees and charges may apply.


Loan amount from $2001 to $5000
Minimum 91+ days to Maximum 2 years
$400 Establishment Fee plus interest at 47.8% p.a. (Comparison Rate 66.58% p.a)*


Loan Amount $2500 over 2 years repayable fortnightly. $2,500 (Principal Amount) + $400 (Establishment Fee) + $1553 (Interest) = $4453 total repayable in 52 fortnightly instalments of $85.63

*The comparison rate is specific to a $2,500 loan over a two-year term with a $400 establishment fee and fortnightly repayments. Any deviation in loan amount, term, or additional fees and charges can result in a different comparison rate, and the given comparison rate only applies to the presented example.

If you have been scouring the internet for ‘instant approval loans need cash today’, then you are probably in a bind. Maybe you’ve tried applying with traditional lenders and been turned down because of your credit. Or maybe you have had an emergency arise and need easy instant cash today but don’t know where to turn.

There are many different types of loan options available today, but it can be challenging to know where to start. At Fundo, we know how important it is to get the cash you need promptly. After all, that’s why people search ‘instant approval loans need cash today’ online. We are an Australian lender specialising in providing our borrowers with small, short-term loans to get them through any unforeseen rough patches. 

Where is the best place to get a quick $100 loan?

Unfortunately, for people searching for ‘instant approval loans need cash today’, it can be difficult to find small loans because lenders often have high minimum loan amounts in place to cover the cost of processing the loan application, performing a credit check, and servicing the loan over its term. 

Moreover, small loans may be considered high-risk by lenders because they may have a higher default rate compared to larger loans.

With Fundo, you won’t have to jump through hoops to get a small loan. We offer teeny, tiny short-term loans to people who need extra cash to cover unexpected expenses. We make it easy for you to get a loan without worrying about the hassles that come with traditional lenders. 

To be eligible for our loans, you have to be at least 18 years old, make a minimum of $300 per week, and be able to make repayments on schedule without putting yourself under undue financial pressure. The application process is quick, simple, and convenient. You can apply for loans online in just a few minutes using your device. We only require standard personal information to verify your identity and income.

Instead of typing ‘instant approval loans need cash today’ into your browser, check out the offers here at Fundo. Our short term loans are flexible for whatever your purpose is, whether it’s to use it as a home renovation loan or a travel loan.

Is it possible to get my loan approved even on a weekend?

This would depend on the lender and the type of loan you are seeking. 

For those searching ‘instant approval loans need cash today’ or ‘easy quick approval loans’, it may be harder to get a loan on a weekend because many lenders have limited hours or are closed on weekends. 

For example, banks and credit unions may only offer services like loan applications during business hours on weekdays. Additionally, some lenders may not have staff available to process loan applications or disburse funds on weekends.

That being said, Fundo’s loan applications are available online 24/7, so you can submit your application whenever you want. Our business hours are from Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Saturday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. If you submit your application and get loans approved online during our business hours, you may even get the funds deposited on the same day you apply! 

In the event that you submit close to the end of or after our business hours, no worries; you can get your result promptly the following business day. Your funds are sent as soon as you are approved, but depending on your bank of choice, there could be variations in processing time. 

Rest assured that we do everything we can to send your funds to you as soon as possible, so you never have to resort to sifting through ‘instant approval loans need cash today’ search results for hours online.

How quickly do I need to pay back a small instant loan online?

It ultimately depends on the lender. At Fundo, we offer the option for you to select the duration of your loan for up to 180 days. The majority of users typically choose a loan period ranging from five to twenty weeks. Keep in mind that the shorter the loan term, the higher the repayment amount will be in order for you to fully repay the loan within the chosen time frame.

We strongly encourage our users to pay off their loans as soon as possible. There are several benefits to doing so. The quicker you pay off your loan, the less you will be charged in monthly account fees; this can save you a significant amount of money in the long run.

Second, paying off your loan before its due date will be a positive mark on any future loan applications. This is because it shows that you are financially responsible and capable of repaying your debts in a timely manner. This can improve your Fundo Credit Score and make it easier for you to qualify for future loans.

The Fundo Credit Score is our game-like feature that encompasses your entire borrowing history with us. You can win points by paying in advance or on time, leaving reviews, and making referrals. Higher scores can get you access to exclusive discounts and increase your likelihood of getting approval for your next loan.

You can use our interactive self-service dashboard to check and manage your Fundo Credit Score, make and reschedule payments, and get top tips from us on all things financial wellness, from savvy loans to bad credit fast loans.

There’s no need to keep searching ‘instant approval loans need cash today’. Apply with us at Fundo!

Disclaimer: The views presented here are purely informative and educational and are not to be taken as recommendations or investment advice. Any opinion expressed in this post is subject to change without notice.