$500 - $5000
between $500 - $5000
up to 180 days
20% upfront establishment
fee 4% monthly fee

Small LOAN

Loan amount from $500 to $2000
Minimum 91+ days to Maximum 6 months
20% Establishment Fee and a flat 4% Monthly Fee*


Loan Amount of $1,000 over 20 weeks repayable weekly. $1,000(Principal Amount) + $200(20% Establishment Fee) + $200(fees based on 4% per month over 20 weeks) = $1,400 total repayable in 20 weekly repayments of $70.00.

*The example assumes timely repayment as per the loan agreement, or additional fees and charges may apply.


Loan amount from $2001 to $5000
Minimum 91+ days to Maximum 2 years
$400 Establishment Fee plus interest at 47.8% p.a. (Comparison Rate 66.58% p.a)*


Loan Amount $2500 over 2 years repayable fortnightly. $2,500 (Principal Amount) + $400 (Establishment Fee) + $1553 (Interest) = $4453 total repayable in 52 fortnightly instalments of $85.63

*The comparison rate is specific to a $2,500 loan over a two-year term with a $400 establishment fee and fortnightly repayments. Any deviation in loan amount, term, or additional fees and charges can result in a different comparison rate, and the given comparison rate only applies to the presented example.

Easy Alternatives to Cash Fast No Credit Check Offers

Instead of hurriedly looking up terms like ‘cash fast no credit check’ or ‘fast cash no credit check’ online, it’s crucial to take some time to understand how this type of financing works. A loan with no credit check might seem suitable at first, but there’s more than meets the eye.

Here, we’ll tackle the key considerations for loans with no credit check, why responsible lending is important and why you should consider personal loans from us at Fundo instead.

What’s behind no credit check loans

Meaningful moments with money

Financing shouldn’t stand between you and life’s important moments. For instance, those tying the knot might want to plan an extravagant, memorable day, while those needing some time off work might want a life-changing holiday in another country. Maybe it’s even as simple as treating yourself to something on your wishlist.

The inclination towards certain types of financing

People want to reach their dreams and goals and that’s why they might search terms like ‘cash fast no credit check’ or ‘small cash loan no credit check’ online to get what they want. They may prefer these offers because they have a not-so-stellar credit score or no credit history, so it’s difficult for them to get approved for other loans.

Be wary of what’s really being offered

While these short term loans may seem appealing at first, they tend to come with some risks. To give you an idea, they may have terms and conditions that aren’t borrower-friendly. What’s more, without the right plan, debt might pile up due to difficulty making repayments. Lastly, they may even have hidden charges that could add to the total.

With this, you should consider personal loans from us at Fundo instead of no credit check loans, as they uphold responsible lending, provide flexibility and offer convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I get a loan without a credit check?

If you’re someone who’s been searching for terms like ‘cash fast no credit check’ or ‘loan money no credit check’ on the web, you should know that there are different types of financing available online and some of them skip the credit check procedure altogether. Among others, this would include easy approval loans, payday loans and, of course, no credit check instalment loans.

However, it’s important to note that they’re often a risky choice since they generally come with unfavourable terms and conditions. Not to mention that they may typically have strict requirements. Rather than opting for cash loans with no credit assessment, consider personal loans from Fundo instead.

Here, we always uphold responsible lending so you can enjoy your dream purchases and potentially manage your finances comfortably afterwards. In line with this, we may conduct a credit check, but rest assured that it’s only one piece of the bigger puzzle. Ultimately, we focus on your current ability to repay a loan when making a decision.

How quickly can I get the money with this type of loan?

Whether it’s an option from searching ‘easy cash loans no credit check’ or perhaps ‘cash fast no credit check’ online, how quickly you get the money from this type of loan would depend on the lender and the policies they have in place. For some, same-day decisions are a possibility but for others, it may take up to a few days or even a week to review the application and then send the funds.

However, by getting a personal loan from Fundo instead of a no credit check small loan, not only can you get a chance to experience a prompt response online but also other convenient digital benefits should you get approved.

If you apply during our business hours, which are Monday to Friday from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. and Saturday from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. Sydney time, you can expect a decision within hours, in most instances within the same day. If you get approved, you can usually get the money the same day.

You can also begin using the Self Service Dashboard, where you can make repayments based on flexible and personalised options, request a reschedule if needed, update your account and more. Leave your online search for ‘cash fast no credit check’ behind.

How do I apply for a cash fast no-credit-check loan?

Generally, borrowers look up terms like ‘quick cash no credit check’ or ‘cash fast no credit check’ on the web and then proceed with an online application. However, some direct lenders for quick cash may still require some parts of their application to be completed in a physical branch or location.

In both cases, you’ll usually have to share standard personal and financial information. This may include your contact details (name, address, DOB, etc.) and factors like your income, current debt obligations and more. After that, the provider assesses these details and comes up with a lending decision.

At this point, before submitting the application, borrowers tend to run through the contract conditions again to double-check everything since not all the conditions may be apparent.

However, by considering personal loans at Fundo instead of no credit check options like a cash advance online, you can have peace of mind knowing that everything is transparent and straight to the point. What’s more, our application is 100% online and those who’ve borrowed from us before can simply apply for a new personal loan in just three clicks.

Need a small or medium loan? Apply now!

Need a loan? Fundo it!

At Fundo, we ensure that you’re not bogged down by complicated forms or exhaustive approval processes. Instead of quick cash with no credit check procedures, we offer a reliable, streamlined personal loan application and assessment that respects both your time and needs. This way, you can forget about your search for terms like ‘cash fast no credit check’ online.

Remember that with us at Fundo, you could have a dedicated financial partner, not just a lender. So, the next time you find yourself in need of a personal loan, know that you can turn to us.

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that we do not offer options for those wanting to avoid a credit check and searching terms like ‘cash fast no credit check’ online as a result. At Fundo, we may be able to assist you by providing personal loans if you’re eligible. This way, you can be part of the thousands of Australians we’ve already helped through responsible lending.

Unless stated otherwise, the opinions presented in this Fundo article are intended for general informational purposes only. As such, they should not be taken as individualised financial advice and recommendations. Moreover, any views on this page can be subject to change without further notice.