$500 - $5000
between $500 - $5000
up to 180 days
20% upfront establishment
fee 4% monthly fee

Small LOAN

Loan amount from $500 to $2000
Minimum 91+ days to Maximum 6 months
20% Establishment Fee and a flat 4% Monthly Fee*


Loan Amount of $1,000 over 20 weeks repayable weekly. $1,000(Principal Amount) + $200(20% Establishment Fee) + $200(fees based on 4% per month over 20 weeks) = $1,400 total repayable in 20 weekly repayments of $70.00.

*The example assumes timely repayment as per the loan agreement, or additional fees and charges may apply.


Loan amount from $2001 to $5000
Minimum 91+ days to Maximum 2 years
$400 Establishment Fee plus interest at 47.8% p.a. (Comparison Rate 66.58% p.a)*


Loan Amount $2500 over 2 years repayable fortnightly. $2,500 (Principal Amount) + $400 (Establishment Fee) + $1553 (Interest) = $4453 total repayable in 52 fortnightly instalments of $85.63

*The comparison rate is specific to a $2,500 loan over a two-year term with a $400 establishment fee and fortnightly repayments. Any deviation in loan amount, term, or additional fees and charges can result in a different comparison rate, and the given comparison rate only applies to the presented example.

Looking For ‘Payday Advance Borrow Money’? Fundo It Instead!

Navigating the confusing world of finances can often become daunting, especially when unexpected expenses come knocking, but you don’t have to keep looking up terms like ‘payday advance borrow money’ to find options.

Fundo offers alternatives to traditional loans and payday advances through our personal loans. At Fundo, we want to help individuals get closer to sustainable and customer-friendly options.

Payday advances: a double-edged sword

Payday advances, with their promise of fast cash and instant approval, offer a tempting solution for those needing immediate financial relief. Still, there’s a lot to consider before committing to a payday loan.

For many, they seem like the best choice, especially for those with no credit history. But there’s a concern: these online loan options that say, ‘Get your payday advance! Borrow money here!’ can sometimes come with confusing terms and strict repayment methods.

The slippery slope of payday loans

While the immediate gratification of a payday advance seems appealing, it may not be a suitable option for borrowers in the long term.

Missed repayments might result in escalating fees, turning what seemed like an easy loan solution into a burdensome debt trap. Borrowers must be wary of these pitfalls and approach payday lenders with caution.

Hunting for flexible financial solutions

Given the potential risks of payday advances, the modern borrower is on a quest for good alternatives.

There’s no need to keep looking up terms like ‘payday advance borrow money’ when you’re searching for funding. Consider Fundo instead!

Fundo is a direct lender that offers short-term loan options with transparent terms and flexible repayment options.

A beacon of swift and stress-free borrowing

What makes Fundo stand out

In a sea of online loan providers, Fundo shines with its approach. Prioritising more than just numbers, we pride ourselves on understanding individual needs. Forget the strict repayment methods of payday lenders – at Fundo, we focus on flexibility and understanding.

There’s no need to search for terms like ‘payday advance borrow money’ with Fundo’s personal loans within reach.

Open books, seamless journeys

With Fundo, what you see is what you get. Our dedication to clarity means no hidden fees or eyebrow-raising fine print. Every step, from clicking ‘Apply Now’ to receiving your funds, is designed to be hassle-free. The process? Transparent. The terms? Crystal clear.

Fundo redefines the meaning of a user-friendly loan experience, so you no longer have to look up ‘payday advance borrow money’ or ‘payday advance loan today’ online.

Tailored for various Australian stories

We know that everyone’s financial narrative is unique. That’s why Fundo extends its services to a wide array of situations. Whether it’s an emergency medical bill, an educational opportunity, or an exciting new purchase, Fundo’s got your back. Our aim? To assist Australians in their financial journeys.

To be eligible for our quick loans, you must:

  • be at least eighteen years old at the time of your application;
  • be a citizen or tax-paying resident of Australia;
  • earn at least $1,000 per fortnight, including government benefits
  • demonstrate an ability to meet repayment deadlines; and
  • not place undue financial pressure on yourself by borrowing from Fundo.

Commitment beyond cash

Straight talk, clear paths

With Fundo, you’re not drowning in financial mumbo jumbo. We’ve cut through the noise to offer you straightforward solutions. Our ethos is simple: no jargon, no complications. Every process, term and loan condition is laid out with the utmost clarity, ensuring you’re informed every step of the way.

Empathy in every transaction

At Fundo, your past doesn’t dictate your future. While we may conduct a credit check before approving an application, we don’t heavily rely on it. We focus on other factors, such as your current ability to meet repayments.

We also have the Fundo Credit Score, which is our innovative approach to lending. You can increase your Fundo Credit Score by making consistent and timely repayments, leaving reviews and referring friends to Fundo. The higher your Fundo Credit Score, the better your likelihood of being approved for a future Fundo loan!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do payday advances work?

Looking up ‘payday advance borrow money’?

Payday advances, also known as payday loans or short-term loans, are designed for people who need fast cash before their next pay cycle. Typically, a borrower applies for a loan offer and provides some basic personal information. Their application then goes through a comprehensive review before a decision is made.

If approved, the funds are usually deposited into the borrower’s account quickly, often within a few days. The loan, along with any interest and fees, is then repaid on or around the borrower’s next pay receipt.

Can I have multiple payday advances at the same time?

It’s generally neither advisable nor permitted by most responsible payday lenders to have multiple payday advances simultaneously. Having more than one payday advance can strain your finances and may lead to difficulties in repayment. It’s crucial to pay off one loan before considering another to ensure that you don’t place undue financial strain on yourself.

What information do payday lenders need from me?

A payday lender typically requires proof of income (like recent pay slips), personal identification and bank account details. They might also ask for your loan history and any current debts. Lenders use this information to assess your ability to repay the loan. Always ensure you’re providing information to reputable lenders and safeguarding your personal details.

Fundo: redefining your financial journey

At Fundo, we champion compassionate lending. Seeking an alternative to a no credit check quick loan? We’ve got you covered. Our quick cash loans could be good options to consider instead of fast cash no credit check loans or same day payday loans.

Even better, if it’s a new ride you’re after, explore our alternatives to a car loan no credit check with our small-to-medium personal loans. With Fundo, financial transparency and user-friendliness are always at the forefront, serving various Australians’ unique needs, even for those looking up terms like ‘payday advance borrow money’.

Apply for a personal loan with us today!

Disclaimer: Please note that we do not offer ‘payday advance borrow money’. At Fundo, we provide personal loans and may be able to help you, like the thousands of Australians we have already helped.

Unless otherwise specified, the opinions expressed in this article are strictly for general informational purposes only and should not be taken as financial advice or recommendations. Any views are subject to change without notice at any time.